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In April 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) passed the final piece of its Food Safety Modernization Act in efforts to protect foods from the farm to the table by keeping them safe from contamination during transportation. This final rule establishes requirements for shippers, loaders, carriers by motor vehicle and rail vehicle, receivers engaged in the transportation of food, including food for animals, to use sanitary transportation practices to ensure the safety of the food that they transport. The initial phase in period will begin April 2017 for large carriers, meaning those who earn over $500,000 annually, and culminate in April 2018 for small carriers. However, OOIDA has learned that many shippers and brokers may not offer loads to any carrier, regardless of size, if that carrier does not comply by April 2017.

The final rule adds accountability to all parties involved in the transportation of certain food items and thus requires them to undertake training while also retain specific records. The OOIDA Foundation currently offers two FREE modules on the FDA rule as part of our Online Business Education Series. In addition, the outline to the FDA rule can be viewed by clicking here.

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