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Auth = Running Under your own Authority Lease = Leases to a Motor Carrier
Bus = Business Education Classes Equip = Equipment related Topics
Other = General Industry Topics

Advanced Load Board

Learn from industry experts the secrets of posting and searching, understand the Friday and Monday cycle, identify Triangle Routing opportunities and recognize the difference and advantages or Refreshing a post and setting an Alarm Match. Build on your skills for finding profitable loads.

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Affordable Care Act - A Moving Target

Whether you are enrolling in the ACA program for the first time or simply reenrolling, you will find that the rules, regulations and coverages are a moving target. The coverages and costs are changing every year. However, you get to make decisions…every year. Learn how to evaluate your plan.

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Affordable Care Act - Open Enrollment

Even though Affordable Care Act has been around since 2014, there is still much confusion about the law. The Open Enrollment Period is a major element of the ACA. Learn why it is so confusing and discover the truth about the penalties for missing the deadline.

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Authority: Getting your Broker Authority

There is a difference between an Operating Authority and a Broker Authority. This program will discuss the differences as well as describing how to apply for and secure a broker bond.

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Authority: Getting your Operating Authority

Buying a truck is a big responsibility, but getting your own authority is even bigger. This program will cover the specific steps that must be taken in order to obtain operating authority, as well as some decisions that need to be considered prior to starting the process.

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Basic Load Board

Load boards are a necessary tool for today’s Owner Operator. Learn from industry experts the basics of using load boards to gain a competitive business advantage. Learn how to use Load Boards for finding profitable loads.

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Company Driver to a Leased on Owner-Operator - Part 1

FMCSA regulates the leasing agreement between the carrier and the equipment owner.  Carriers will often add requirements that are not mandated by these regulations.  This program will help you understand your rights and the responsibilities of both parties.

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Company Driver to a Leased on Owner-Operator - Part 2

The move from a company driver to a leased-on owner-operator requires that you now make decisions that once were made by your employer.  These decisions range from choosing a carrier to understanding to the pros and cons of getting endorsements.

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CVSA Inspections - Level I, II, and III Inspections

Whether you are new to driving or you have been pulling loads for years, if you are a professional truck driver chances are you are going to get pulled over for a CVSA inspection. Watch a roadside inspection and learn answers to the five most commonly asked questions.

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Dealing with A Lease Agreement - Part 1

A lease agreement is one of the most common arrangements an owner operator enters into, so why is it so confusing? In this program we will discuss and dissect the requirements and explain what to look for in the FMCSA regulation, specifically 376.12 – parts A through F

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